With the Student Season Ticket, you can attend classes with complete freedom and at a student rate!

The end date of your validation may not exceed the end date of your Student Season Ticket by more than 1 month. The validation period of your validation ticket can start on any date before your 26th birthday.
The end date of your validation may not be more than 1 month after your 26th birthday.

Student Season Ticket + STIB/MIVB

Good to know: are you between 12 and 24 years old and want to combine your train Student Season Ticket with a STIB/MIVB school pass?
Buy your €12 STIB pass separately from the STIB/MIVB, as it is only available through their sales channels.

Calculate the price of your Student Season Ticket

Don't yet have a Student Season Ticket ? Visit an SNCB ticket office!

Buying and renewing my Student Season Ticket

To buy your first Student Season Ticket, simply go to a station counter with :

  • your electronic ID card
  • your MoBIB card (if you already have one)
  • your completed school certificate if you are 18+ (no school certificate required if you are under 18)

Don't have a MoBIB card yet? No problem! You'll get one at the counter for a processing fee of € 5 when buying your first season ticket.


  • Log into your My SNCB/NMBS account (or create an account)
  • Choose the season ticket option that you would like to renew, and renew it!
  • If you are over 18, you will also be able to upload your school certificate

At the station:

  • At the ticket counter
  • At the ticket vending machine

Season tickets in combination with TEC / STIB / De Lijn and/or with third-party payers can also be extended online!

Take a look at the overview of our season tickets or calculate the price according to your itinerary, your age and the frequency of your train journeys.

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