The Coast Express is a special direct train service that runs directly to and from the Belgian coast.

To travel on a Coast Express train, you must have a valid travel ticket for the route and date in question and a seat reservation.
Seats are not numbered. You may sit wherever you wish, in the comfort class associated with your travel ticket.

The Coast Express seat reservation costs € 1/journey per passenger and is sold exclusively on the SNCB website.

Coast Express connections:

  • Voyagez to/from Antwerp Central, Brussels-Midi, Liège-Guillemins or Ghent Sint Pieters to Blankenberge, De Panne, Knokke or Ostende.
  • These coast express trains travel without intermediate stops: your journey will be faster.
The transportation plan for the regular trains to the coast remains unchanged.
You can travel to your seaside destination on any of the other trains (without seat reservations).
The direct Coast Express trains run without intermediate stops between Brussels-Midi, Antwerp Central, Liège-Guillemins or Ghent Sint Pieters and Ostend, Blankenberge, Knokke or De Panne.
If you want to board the Coast Express but it does not run to/from your departure station, you can make a connection at one of the departure stations of the Coast Express.
Yes. Save up to 25 minutes per journey by travelling on the Coast Express.
The exact time saving depends on the route taken by the direct Coast Express train.
Access to the Coast Express is only permitted with a seat reservation for the route in question at the date and time of departure specified on your reservation.
Your reservation is not valid for any other Coast Express train.
A mandatory check-in is organized on the boarding platform of the Coast Express.
In order to ensure that reservations and travel tickets are checked as smoothly as possible, you must be present 15 minutes before the departure of the train.
Yes, absolutely.
If necessary, book your free assistance for passengers with a mobility impairment.
The reservation of a seat on the Coast Express is mandatory for all passengers.

Book your seat on the Coast Express

No. A Coast Express seat reservation is a mandatory supplement for travelling on direct Coast Express trains.
To use the Coast Express service, you must have a valid travel ticket and a seat reservation for the route and date in question.
You can travel on a direct Coast Express train with any travel ticket that is valid for your age at the time of travel and for the entire route of the Coast Express.

Are you traveling for free?
The rules for free travellers (accompanied children under 12, etc.) still apply.

Please note, that seat reservation on the Coast Express is mandatory for all types of travel tickets (free or not), and for all passengers from the age of 2.
Access to the Coast Express is only possible with a seat reservation for the route in question at the date and time of departure specified on your reservation.
Reservations are mandatory for all passengers over the age of 2.
Up to 4 accompanied children can travel free of charge without a travel ticket, but still with a mandatory seat reservation.
Coast Express seat reservations are available from 31 days before departure until all seats are sold out.
If the selected Coast-Express train is not full, you can order your seat reservation up to 15 minutes before departure. For operational and security reasons, the sale of Coast Express seat reservations is closed 15 minutes before the train's departure time.
Groups of 15 people or more travelling with a Group Ticket already have reserved seats on a "regular" train.
Seat reservations on the Coast Express are therefore reserved for individual passengers.
No. Your pet is not allowed to occupy a seat on the train. Therefore, a seat reservation for your pet is not required.
Please Note that small pets traveling in a basket, cage or crate no larger than 30x55x30cm do not require a travel ticket.
For all others, a Pet Supplement of € 3/journey is required.
The Coast Express seat reservation is valid for a specific train, but not for a specific class. If you want to travel 1st class with the Coast Express, you need a 1st class ticket and a Coast Express seat reservation (in 2nd class). Take your seat in 1st class and present your 1st class ticket during the ticket check.

Travelling with a Coast Express seat reservation

The number of seats on each Coast Express train is limited to ensure maximum comfort on board. However, the seats are not numbered. You can sit wherever you like.
Bicycles are allowed on direct Coast Express trains with permission from the train conductor.
To travel with your bicycle on the Coast Express, you must be in possession of a Bicycle Supplement, a valid ticket and a Coast Express reservation supplement of €1.

Exchange and refund

If you missed your direct Coast Express train, you can use your train ticket on other trains to your destination.
If there is a later Coast Express, you can also choose to make a new reservation for it. Your original Coast Express seat reservation is not exchangeable.
Seating reservations on the Coast Express are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.
Reservations are personal and cannot be transferred to a third party.