If you require assistance from another person or your dog while travelling, the Free Carer Card is available free of charge to your carer.

  • upon presenting this card, your carer travels free of charge
  • your travel ticket is also valid for your carer
  • your carer travels free of charge in the same class and on the same route as you

Do you need personal assistance? Make use of our B For You Service.

Need to apply for a card?

You can claim a Free Carer Card if you are unable to travel alone due to one of the following disabilities:
  • reduced independent mobility based upon at least 12 points according to the level of independent mobility evaluation guide
  • a reduction in autonomy of at least 6 points for young people under 21
  • at least 80% permanent disability or incapacity to work
  • permanent disability in the lower limbs causing a disability rate of at least 50%
  • total paralysis or amputation of the upper limbs
  • a category-3 or higher integration allowance
  • 90% or complete blindness
To apply for a Free Carer Card, go to the ticket office during opening hours at the station of your choice.
Check the opening hours of the ticket offices at your station.
To apply for a Free Carer Card, go to the ticket office of your station and bring :
  • your electronic identity card
  • 5 € fee for creating your Free Carer Card
If you have submitted your application before 10 May by post or e-mail, you can either :
  • wait for the official authorisation paper from the SNCB sent by post and take this authorisation to the ticket office of the station of your choice.
  • go to the ticket office of the station of your choice with your electronic identity card to obtain your Free Carer Card. In this case, the official authorisation that you will receive by post will no longer be useful.
If you have applied at the ticket office but have not been accepted as eligible for a Free Carer Card.
  1. Check that you meet the requirements for the card (see above).
  2. If you think you qualify for the card:
    A. complete the Free Carer Card application form that you received at your station (document in French or Dutch)
    B. obtain a "Certificate of recognition of disability" from a recognised institution (FPS Social Security, the Ligue Braille...)
    C. send your documents to the e-mail or postal address indicated on the Free Carer Card application form you have completed
    D. if you meet the conditions, you will receive an Authorisation for the delivery of the "Free Carer Card" (document in French or Dutch) from the SNCB. This authorisation is valid for 3 months.
    E. Go to the ticket office with your authorisation, your electronic identity card, and 5€ for the creation of your Free Carer Card.