To get to work

Abo Trajet

Standard Season Ticket

For daily trips to your workplace, away from traffic jams.
Abo Mi-Temps

Half-Time Season Ticket

Telework or part-time? The Half-Time Season Ticket is the ideal formula.
If your employer has concluded a contract with the SNCB, take advantage of your home-work train subscription, which can be combined with a bus, tram, metro and/or car park pass, at the Third-Party Paid fare.

To get to school (students under 26)

Abo Scolaire

Student Season Ticket

For everyday trips to school or university.
Carte Campus

Student Multi

The ideal formula for students living on campus.
Renew your Student Season Ticket online? Soooooo easy! You can even send your school certificate via My SNCB!

Our other options

Train subscription with the bus, tram or metro

Combine the train with TEC, MIVB/STIB and De Lijn

Unlimited Season Ticket

Unlimited access to the entire Belgian rail network.
Are you hesitating? Take the test and find out which subscription formula will cost you the least.

The possibilities

Request a subscription
Go to the counter with your completed subscription application form. Take your e-ID card with you as well as certain certificates such as the one provided by your employer or school.

Renewing a subscription
For your convenience, opt for online renewal. If you prefer, you can do it at the automatic sales machines or at the counter.

Modify a subscription
If you want to change the route or type of season ticket, go to the ticket office with your current season ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Reduced fares such as a Senior Ticket, Preferential Reimbursement, Large Families, Military, Journalists, Jobseekers, are only applicable to train tickets and are not valid for season tickets.
If you are a regular traveller, you may also be interested in:
  • the Standard Multi:
    The 10-trip fixed price card with no fixed origin and destination. Fill in one line per trip and go wherever you want, whenever you want. Bonus: the Standard Multi can be used by several people by completing the number of lines according to the number of passengers.

  • the Local Multi:
    The equivalent of the Standard Multi for short journeys. Super convenient if you are travelling less than a few kilometres from your home station.

  • the Youth Multi:
    The "Standard Multi" for young people: the Youth Multi is for travellers aged 12 to -26. No pre-filled origin or destination, one line per journey and the possibility to share it with friends. Ideal!

  • the Youth Holidays:
    The absolute best for all young people under 26 during the school holidays. Travel in Belgium on as many trains as you like, at any time. Unlimited train travel for a minimum price: €19/week or €29/month. Have a great holiday!

  • the 10 identical journeys card:
    Travel 10 times on your favourite route with your preferential fare. Save time by not having to go to the ticket desk: with the 10 Identical Journeys Card, you only pay once for 10 predefined journeys.

  • the Brupass (XL):
    Are you travelling in the Brussels-Capital area? With the Brupass subscription, you can take advantage of the entire regional transport offer with a single travel ticket! Load your Brupass onto your MoBIB card and hop on the train, tram, bus or metro.
Not sure? Take the test and find out which subscription or travel ticket is the cheapest for you.

The counters are usually very crowded...

The solution? Renew online.
It's easy, fast and safe!