Would you like to leave your luggage, shopping or other large items at the station during your journey so that you have your hands free? This is possible in different stations.
Below you will find an overview of the various luggage lockers available.

Luggage lockers

New luggage lockers have been made available to you at the Antwerp-Central, Bruxelles-Midi, Knokke, Leuven, Ostend and Blankenberge stations. More lockers will soon be available in 15 other stations. Renting a locker is done directly at the station or by booking online. Rentals are possible per hour, day or week.

luggage lockers  Price per hour
Price per day  Price per week
S (small bag)  € 1  € 4  € 20
M (backpack)  € 1.50  € 6  € 30
L (trolley)  € 2  € 8  € 40
XL (2 trolleys)  € 2.50  € 10  € 50
XLL (suitcase)  € 3  € 12  € 60
Format  Size
 S  14x23x70 cm
 M  19x30x60 cm
 L  44x34x60 cm
 XL  58x50x80 cm
 XXL  89x50x80 cm
  • After the expiry of the rental period, the customer can still open his locker by paying extra.
    Please note: After 48 hours of delay, the contents of the locker will be removed and an additional fee must be paid, in addition to the applicable daily fee.
  • After opening your locker, the rental period ends automatically. You cannot open and close your locker in the same rental period.
  • Please close the locker properly after use.
In a few months, new lockers will also be installed in Bruges station. For the moment, you will find 3 kinds of lockers of different sizes (small-medium-large). You can leave your luggage there for a maximum of 7 consecutive periods of 24 hours

Format  Price
Small  € 4.50
Medium  € 5
Big  € 5.50

Luggage deposit

In the station of Brussels-South you can deposit your luggage (maximum 30 kg per object) in a left luggage service. This is secured by railway personnel.

The rate is € 8 per calendar day (24 hours) and per object.
Temporary unavailability of baggage lockers in 16 stations*
New, modern and well-functioning
luggage lockers will soon be installed in these stations.
* Antwerp-Berchem, Brussels-Central, Brussels-Luxembourg, Brussels-Nord, Charleroi-South, Kortrijk, Hasselt, Ghent-Dampoort, Ghent-Saint-Peters, Knokke, Liège-Guillemins, Louvain, Mechelen, Mons, Namur Ottignies