At SNCB, all purchases are made in accordance with the law governing public procurement. The basic principles:

  • Transparency
  • Fairness
  • Competition
  • Proportionality

The procurement process consists of the following steps:

The vast majority of procurement files are awarded based on a negotiated procedure. There are two possibilities:

  • with a call for tenders: candidates are chosen on the basis of selection criteria appearing in the Belgian Official Gazette and the Official Journal of the European Union;
  • without a call for tenders: SNCB itself determines which candidates receive the specification.

A standard specification consists of:

  • the administrative component, with all the general provisions applicable to the contract;
  • the technical component, with a description of the product or service to be purchased.
Bids are evaluated based on the award criteria included in the specification.
The contract will be awarded to the bidder who best fulfils the award criteria.


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How do you become a supplier?

Discover here all the steps and procedures necessary to become a SNCB supplier.

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Qualification system

Here you will find everything you need to know about the qualification system.

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What do we buy?

The SNCB Procurement Department purchases all of the equipment that a rail operator needs to function

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Sustainable procurement

SNCB has a sustainable purchasing policy that effectively combines environmental, economic and social aspects.

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Tools & tips

List of tools used as part of the procedure for awarding public contracts